Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ignoring the World

Well...part of the reason I haven't posted in a while is that I've been ignoring the real world and focusing on my own little corner.

I haven't been angry with the local big city yeeha mayor that I'm usually fuming over, I've paid little attention to the silly little country that Israel is bombing the heck out of (deservedly so) and I've been hiding away in my basement during the hot hours of the day, trying to keep from loosing all my excess weight in sweat, although I'd probably pay money if that were to really happen... grin.

I know there are people who pay big money for those sweat suits that make you loose like 4 pounds in two hours just sweating...what they don't tell you is that you gain back three of those the minute you step out of it and start drinking water to keep from drying up into a pile of dust.

I've been watching my husband and boys working in the garden (I love to watch him, he's sooo cute, and hey, that's him out there sweating, not me) and the cats chasing the bugs in the grass and the airplanes flying over head.

The reason I like watching the airplanes is that I get to go be on one this weekend. We are going on a cruise!! I'm sooo excited. I've been looking forward to this for the past month with bated breath. (bated?? um...breathy excitemen!) I held off on being excited until I knew it was really going to happen, because I hate wasting excitement. If I'm going to get excited, I want it to be worth while. (grin) I love flying. I don't mean just enjoy it, I'm not sure I really enjoy it--especially now that they don't really serve food on the flights anymore, just all the soda you can handle and salted peanuts (so that you have to use the little closet that passes for a restroom or else sit crosslegged and crosseyed until you land). But for some reason, I have always loved flying.

I guess that's because I love to travel. You'd think after a couple of trips this would calm down and be --well, every day. I've been on a couple of airplanes. I've flown to California several times, Orgeon, Cinncinatti, Ft Lauderdale, Atlanta, Mexico and now I'm going to Vancouver, BC. Never been there! That's part of the excitement. I feel like I want one of those collector sticker books with all the countries and states of the northern American continent, so I can put stickers where I've been. (I'm sure my husband would like to see the stickers on me, but then, I'm in a strange mood today, who knows!!)

So...if I come back and splash photos of bears and salmon jumping out of the water, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Sure makes the thought of summer heat much more bearable, if you know what I mean.