Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Moral Center

My husband told me about a news item on the radio yesterday. He usually tells me because when I'm at home, I don't listen to the radio or watch the news...(like I need more negativity?)

Anyway, he told me that someone in Edwards presidential campaign made a statement while giving a speech at the Gay Parade in San Fran, that we needed a government based on science and not on religion. That wasn't the whole statement, and I'm afraid I haven't been able to find anything about it on the internet, (other than the speech happened - they made a bigger deal out of the gay bit instead of government) but the whole thing gives me chills.

The idea that we need a national government that has no moral center, is worse than what we have now. And...leads to anarchy. It's a scary thought. There are so many people that want to be free FROM religion and all the 'rules and regulations' that are involved with religion. I want to ask those who are parents what they are thinking? Don't they want their children to know right from wrong? Don't they want a government that has rules and expectations for each member of society?

Our nation was founded on the belief in God. Not in the absence or avoidance, but the belief. It was founded on the Freedom OF Religion. I know I've remarked on this before, but it really gets me. I love this nation.

I would advise anyone who hates it so badly to go live somewhere else for a while and see how bad it is then. Go on - go live in England. At lease they are a democracy (sort of). Or...better yet, go live in some South American country and see how you like the government there.

Everyone hates it here, everyone complains about taxes and benefits...no one thinks about what they could be doing about it, or how they have the ability to even complain about it all!! Try doing that in some other countries and see where it gets you.

I have an acquaintance who's daughter is in Argentina. She has discovered first hand that the government there could care less about the family or what they are doing. It wants it's rules followed, and if not, you can leave.

Sometimes I think that's what we need to do here. We've been the only country in the world that has welcomed those who wanted freedom. Unfortunately, there are many who say it's time to end that. And...there are many who would create a mini country of their own here.

Welcome to America. We speak English. We welcome you as long as you desire to learn our language and contribute to society.

That's what we should be saying. I realize I went from one subject to another, but that's life as I see it.

I'm very thankful to be here. God bless the USA.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Farewell to Amnity

Well..I read yesterday that Cindy Sheehan decided to give up her stand as an activist and go home to live 'normal' for a while. I guess we can all take a big breath of relief, right? We don't have to worry about her anymore?

Just because Mr. Rocky A decided to stand with her, I don't think I was really worried about her - it was more what she was saying to the soldiers that are currently serving. It was like another Vietnam - only bigger because she got so much press out of it.

My biggest sorrow is for her son. He must feel sooo badly, knowing that she has done this for the American soldier. He is probably broken hearted. And what kills me, is that she says 'the land I no longer love'...well, then move. You can go somewhere else where the government doesn't care about you, and the soldiers won't fight for you and find out what life is like. I'm sure there will be loads ready to help you pack.

But you are going home to peace and relative immunity to your actions. What does that say about the country you no longer love?

I think your son is crying for you. Are you ever going to hear him?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Way to Go...

Well...I realized I hadn't posted anything here for quite awhile. Partly because there hasn't been anything I wanted to waste my time with politically, and partly because I've been busy. I have to say though...the debate last week was quite the example of the problems facing this country. If anyone outside of Utah watched it, I'm sure they were wondering what was up with the whole thing.
I thought Hannidy did a great job, but I also thought the Mayor had good points. Unfortunately, the audience was very ill mannered, and I'm embarrassed for us. How could we be so rude to people who came to debate in our state because we asked them to???
Anyway, there was a statement in the paper afterward that the person was worried about our country, because it definitely showed a division. I think she was right. I think it showed a greater problem than just politics, although I think that is the biggest part.
It gives me shivers of the civil war, and that's really scary. So many people are so sure their opinion is what's right...on both sides of the issues. Everyone is so sensitive to what is being said, they aren't listening or doing what needs to be done.
Just Monday some preacher made a comment in a debate he was in that those who 'believed in God' would win the day over Mit Romney. Well...apparently no one understood that he was talking about believe in God generally, not that he was saying Mit Romney didn't believe in God. He might not believe in the same God, but everyone knows he believes in God...sigh. it's crazy.
I'm really worried about our country and where it's headed.
If everything is politics, and nothing is about the country or the people the politics are supposed to serve, what purpose does the politics serve? None. It becomes a mute point that should be addressed.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Can we Impeach a Mayor?

Okay...I've given this a lot of thought, and due to his own words, I think we can impeach our state's largest city's Mayor. What do you think? The guy is a dweeb, doesn't do anything for our state except draw negative attention, and likes to use the taxpayers money to flout the office of the President of the United States. I mean...get a life.. Preferrably outside of the state, if you know what I mean. I think Nevada could use you, don't they like Hilary? Or wait...maybe that's some state back east...

The man has even been re-elected. I don't know how he got elected in the first place, we didn't vote for him. We were really thankful to move after he got there, I promise. I figure I'm just as open minded as the next person, but I'm also very patriotic.

When this guy takes taxpayers money and flies back east to bash the President, that just peeves me a little. I realize that President bashing is popular right now, in fact, that's probably the most popular thing you can do.

From what I understand, his approval rating is at the lowest any president has ever been...like bar none. If anyone cares to remember, his approval rating was also the highest any president ever was right after 9/11. How quickly we forget.

You know, I feel so bad for the man. He has made a few mistakes, but you know, everyone seems to forget he does not have all the power!! He is only 1/3 of it in washington, and he doesn't always get his way. There are a lot of people out there trying to thwart his every move and every thought. There are many media people out there slandering and mocking and downgrading everything he tries to do. Especially what's going on in Iraq. I had the pleasure of listening to a man who lived there for a while and helped set up the different city organizations after 2001.

He wrote a book called The Enigma of Iraq, and it looks mighty interesting. I know a lot of people don't read this, and I guess I don't care - I write it to spout off and get things off my chest. But if anyone chances to read this and looks up this book, I'll have done at least a small service to my country. This man has been there - he knows what is really happening. And he could tell you all about it, in much better language than the leading newspaper. Seek the truth...you might find it. It just might not be the truth your looking for - especially if you are a Democrat.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Well...at least he didn't shoot her...

On the way to work this morning, I listened to a short blurb about a coming talk show that was going to be discussing last nights speech by President Bush. The commentator was expressing his frustration with the general press, and how they reacted. He said one guy that he usually admires, made totally off the wall remarks. He was saying "did he watch the same speech I did?"

It has come to the point where the President can't win--no matter what he does. Everyone is all saying how low he is in the polls...as if he cares. (I think if he really cared about the polls, he would be doing what everyone wants him to be doing and nothing would be getting done. ) Everyone is all up in arms about what is happening with the War.

I thought the speech went well. No, it was not some history making memorial thing like John F. K's was...and I would much rather have George W. Bush than JFK any day; he was scary and no one knew it until he was dead. (I mean this in a morality way...somehow he managed to lead the country well..)

It was depressing to watch and know that people were being watched for which part of the speech they stood up for, clapped for, and it was obvious when it was a subject the Republicans were excited with and when the Demos weren't happy. It was hilarious to watch ol' what's her face-speaker of the house-sit next to the Vice Pres. She kept swallowing as if she was going to have dinner come back any minute--I wondered if it was a tick of some kind.

It was a typical thing to have the people honored at the end of the speech and have outlined how they represented all that is good in our country. It was fun to actually see the guy that dove under the train. I keep feeling like it's a real live While You Were Sleeping moment. It was great to see the guy from Africa that was doing his part for his native land while becoming a US citizen.

All in all...I'm still for the guy. I think he has done loads for this country, and that the guys in the senate and congress are the ones that have mired the legal and governmental aspects of our country in muck. They refused to work with the man--party lines and all that. I say throw out the parties. There needs to be more than two. Those two parties have gotten to the point where they have lost the idea of what made this country great and what is the GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY!! President Bush tried to get both parties to work together, but they were biased against him from the start. So...here we sit, worried about what befalls us in a year.

I'm scared to death that Hilary Clinton might actually make it to the white house. I thought one Clinton was damaging enough. And I actually read a blurb that said she thought her husband would be an 'asset to her presidency'!! ARGH Perhaps that was mislabeled... I'm sure he was more like a donkey than any help while in office.

Anyway...I didn't mean to get off on the subject of past painful episodes of the leaders of our country, I just wanted to say that I thought he did well. I thought he covered all the bases, and I think it's time for the press to get off their biased buts and report the truth (like what's really happening in Iraq and how much good is going on) instead of what they get paid to print...

But that's just me.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year...ya Wild Animal

One of my favorite Christmas movies is Home Alone. The first one. This kid just cracks me up. What really amazes me is what he is able to do at 8 years old. MY children would never have dreamed up half the stuff he does at that age. It would be more accurate in my family if they were teenagers and having a war with burglars. I can see it now...LOL.
I don't know why he is so drawn to the old movies of gangsters...but it seems to serve him well. I figured the little expression used by the old man in both movies worked well here too. All of us have animal natures inside. They are either tamed or wild...or should I say domestic or not? grin. But the point is, most of the time, New Years is celebrated by the wild animals.
This is going to be a strange year for me...I have lots I'm planning on doing. How about you? lots of New Year resolutions? I stopped making resolutions a long time ago. I make goals as I need them through the year. I have enough to deal with without the thought that I have some yearly goal hanging over my head.
So...I'm wishing you a Happy New Year...and I hope you are able to accomplish all you want...you wild animal, you!