Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ignorant Sales People Beware

I had the most obnoxious experience last week. I was trying to get a picture framed for the upcoming county fair that I was entering, and they messed up the mat for it. Twice. First, I went in and they said there was no way they could frame it for me within the time limit. They were looking at outwards of a week.
I gulped and figured I'd framed my own pictures once upon a time, I could do it again. Fine. How long would it take to cut the mat? They could do that by the evening. I said fine. Then I saw the cost. 4 cuts and it was $18???? Expensive paper...
Anyway, I go back the next morning (trying to be a gas saving consumer and be efficient in my errands...grin) and pick up the mat. I get to looking at it later that day, and realize that it is TOO BIG FOR THE FRAME. We are not talking about just a little...but WAY too big to fit in the glassed area. I couldn't believe it. I mean, THEY measured it! So, I take it back, pretty steamed, wanting to just return the whole thing and go to a different craft store, which has told me they could frame it for me before Saturday!
Of course not. I take it to the customer service area, and they call the manager who then takes me to the back. We talk to the person who cut it, and wow...no problem, they'll just trim it for me, it will take no time at all. Sure....
So, he cuts it again for me. Hey, I'm sorry, ya know? yeah.
I get home, and the next night get ready to put it together, since I hadn't had a minute before then. It's still too big. By a mere 1/8th of an inch... I couldn't believe it. We had to go back the first thing Saturday morning (I had to get it in there before noon) and show them the mat. The lady was the rudest I have ever seen. Like it was an imposition for her to have to cut it! I'm thinking, you know what??? You guys just lost my business.
At least at this point they could have offered to put it together for me for free!
I used to deal with customers on a daily business when we owned our own pizza store. There were rude ones, and there were sweet ones. I tried to be nice and civil to all of them....with the moto "The customer is Always right" as my goal. I know I never treated anyone like I was treated that day. I was barely able to think about a come back...let alone voice one.
We went to the customer service desk and asked to see the manager, who was of course not in the store. At that point, we left. I do not plan on going back, no matter how much closer they are than the other store. I like the other store better anyway. I only went to the one store because it was more convenient.
I think I'm still going to send their management a letter. I was the customer this time, and I WAS right.