Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voting --The Morays of Marriage and Society

I was all set to write a sad, yet scathing blog about Steve Young Sunday night when I went to bed. I didn't write it Sunday, because I try not to do any writing on the Sabath. Monday, I get up and lo and behold -- he's got a press statement out. Changed the whole thing...and my viewpoint.

I still have something to say, but it's more in sympathy now. My husband imagines that there is quite the domestic disagreement going on in the Young household. I don't know -- I'm impressed with how he backed her up, regardless of the fact she drug his name into this whole mess.

Let me recap for those of you who weren't getting the newsfeed from KSL.com. Sunday it was announced that among the celebrity sports figures who were encouraging everyone to vote NO on Prop 8 in California (among them Magic Johnson) Steve Young and his family were going to vote no.

I was very upset. One on hand, he's LDS and the church has specifically come out and asked the members to help vote for this proposition. It highlights everything in the Proclomation to the World. It strengthen families. It puts a finality on what the state already voted for in the past. And the reason it affects the rest of the nation is how the other states have to view marriages from California should the thing fail. It's not pretty. On the other hand, he is a famous athlete as well, and many people look up to him and respect him. He's liable to have influenced a great many in the wrong direction.

Well...it turns out it wasn't him -- it was his wife. She has a brother who is Gay, and I guess wants to support him in any way she can. This was not the way to go about it -- though I hope he appreciates what she has done for him. I was glad to hear Steve Young come out and say that he has NOT lent his name in support of anything political, and while his wife is active in political and social things, he is not and would keep his views private.

I thought it was a good save...though probably a bit late. She got her bit of fame out of the moment, and people had a good night to think about the ramifications of Steve Young in opposition to the church's stand.

There was no way to win.

So -- today is voting day. Time to get out there, cast your vote, tell the world you appreciate the free democracy that you live in and who it is you want to be president for the next 4 years. Roust out your neighbors...do a car pool if you need to, but get everyone out there. It drives me crazy when they say we actually had a good turnout with 40% voters showing up, or it was outstanding to have 60% come to the polls...What? It takes too much effort to lift your hand? To walk down the street? To find out where you vote?

I guess it takes too much effort to turn on the switch or push on the gas pedal then. It takes too much effort to live where you have the chance to proclaim your choice. People just have no idea how much the rest of the world envies our position in being able to vote. There are many who would die for the chance.

Exercise your rights.