Friday, January 16, 2009

Farewell to a Hero

Many view President Bush as an idiot -- a man who lost his focus, betrayed a nation and led us into the current financial crisis. Those are the ones who believe the media, the press and the current Democratic machine.

I'm not one of them.

I'm ashamed of my state -- which dropped him in the polls to less than 50 percent...I'm ashamed of my nation that forgot the war he waged with terror that they wanted 7 years ago. I know he wasn't perfect -- he was just a man, dealing with the world fighting with itself and a nation that rapidly wanted the government to step in and solve all their problems. Many didn't know that he was an active man who loved to mountain bike, leading the Secret Service on a merry chase...I read an article about his ranch in Texas, where they have a shirt that can be won by the employee who does the most in the over 100 heat -- which he works in and loves. Did you know that?

He was a pillar of strength in his beliefs, he was an example of determination and morality. That's why the press didn't like him. They sought every excuse to malign his character, depict him as a monkey with big ears, and belittle his policies.

I know his presidency was a struggle, and that he made a few mistakes -- I'm not blind or totally naive. But I also feel he was the man for the job. He was handcuffed by the media and congress. He couldn't win.

There are a few of us left in the country who applaud his efforts over the past 8 years. Thank him for his sympathy to those who have lost loved ones in this battle, appreciate his efforts in trying to save a nation who didn't want to be saved.

There was no way he could win. It breaks my heart.

He has been gallant in turning the reigns over to Obama, and his incoming presidency. I would hope that sometime in the future, history books will be kinder to him than they've been so far. I would hope they remember his leadership after 9/11 and how he kept the nation together during a frightening time.

I will never forget.

Thank you, President Bush.