Friday, April 17, 2009

I'd Take Her...

This past week has been an up and down week. I normally don't blog often on this blog, because I don't generally have lots to say. I went to the Tea Party and told my husband that I felt so....out of my comfort zone. I'm not one for getting into the lime light when it comes to politics. I don't like to be on the radar, so to speak -- I don't like to get involved, but the government has pushed my involvement.

This morning I read something that pushed my buttons again. Instead of Alaska being proud of their amazing governor, the Democratic members are driding her for going to two special functions -- Right to Life and SMILE.

Her nominee for state attorney general was shot down, and he apparently made questionable remarks that they were quick to jump on. It sounds to me like the Democrats in the state have taken over and are trying to discredit the woman who has the biggest chance of getting the higher office of the country than anyone else ever has.

The Demos are at it again.

Here's the article I read. You make your own decision. But, while I don't have any real gripes with my own governor, I'd take Sarah Palin in a heart beat.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

TAX Party!

Well, yesterday was tax day, and it was also tea party day. If you didn't hear about them or participate in them, they were rally's across America to declare our frustration with the government and protest what they are doing with our money. It wasn't so much about taxes, which many people thought -- it was more about the money the administration is pouring out into an economy that is going to collapse with the weight of debt.

Despite what Obama thinks, money doesn't grow on trees, nor does printing it up on paper make it so.

My family went to the tea party at the post office in Salt Lake. It was small compared to the one by the Federal building, but it was still full of those who were sincere. Sure...there were still a few nut jobs, a couple of signs red "rather dead than red"...old rhetoric, but most of us were sincere.

My daughter was totally upset by this woman who was trying to get into the post office parking lot to mail taxes and yelled out her window "You should teach your children to pay taxes before you protest against them!" They were gone before we could reply, but my daughter was disgusted.

I told her it was okay...we knew the real agenda. She said "Do I look like someone that doesn't pay taxes??" We had just mailed our state taxes in, matter of fact, and ours had been hefty. (for us!) So...people just don't understand. That's part of the problem.

One of my favorite signs said "Next time, read the bill first!" It was great. I don't know if we did any good, but it was heart warming. I had my hubby take a photo of us with his cell phone...if it uploads, I'll post it here.

What did you do yesterday?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Democracy or a Republic?

A friend sent me a connection to this video clip, which talks about the different forms of government. I thought I would share it, since it outlines the basic information and helped me learn something about our government. Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fools Started 2 Months Ago

In listening to all the various comments of the past couple of months since the new president has been in office, it feels like every day is April Fools day. Doesn't it to you? Don't you feel like you'll wake up in the morning and it will all be a bad dream?

The latest in this stream of Foolish the whole bit about the bonuses given to AIG. In retrospect, it's not their fault. The bonuses were written into the contract with the government in the bailout package. So why is the government now throwing a fit and asking these people to give the money back?? They knew about it in the first place.

It's getting to where I don't recognize the government that is in place. I'm afraid of what my children are going to grow up in, and I don't know that the world is going to think any better of us.

Let's face it...this great nation of ours is suffering, and the answer is not what's being done for it. There needs to be a change of heart, a change of leadership and an influx of patriotism.

We are currently free -- but I'm not sure how long that will last. I pray that as long as possible.