Monday, June 29, 2009

I Think the Time Has Come...

If you're LDS, you're familiar with the story in the Book of Mormon where the Nephites are under attack (again) from the Lamanites, but they are struggling with some political issues from within that threaten their surviving the fight with their enemies. It has become so dire, that one of their generals decides he's had enough and makes a flag out of his coat, writes on it "In memory of our God, our religion, our freedom, and our peace, our wives and our children". He then attaches it to a pole and goes around through the city to remind the people of what was really important. They are able to turn the tide, get rid of all the political unrest and save their city.

I sat in Sacrament meeting on Sunday and listened to a talk about Thomas Payne and our forefathers and how they were deceived during one battle that was a minor skirmish to everyone else. Thomas Payne wrote an article about it, and pointed out how we were in this for the long run, not just for one battle. It made me think about our country and the condition we are in right now.

I think we are about to the point of Captain Moroni again. I think there are many people who feel we are back in the 1770's and facing a tyrant that isn't listening or caring about our problems, just creating more of them.

Just look at the Cap and Tax Bill that just passed the house!! What are they thinking?? How could this possibly be of benefit to the American people? It doesn't help anyone that matters! Over the past six months, I have watched new laws enacted, new stimulus packages given out, more money spent than seems real. No one is standing as check and balance. No one is watching the leaders. What recourse do we have when our leaders don't listen to us?? The majority of the American people can not possibly want to be headed in the direction we are going, do they?? NO ONE I've talked to where does that leave us?

It's scary to think of where we are at, and what could happen to us in the next three years.

There are many voices speaking out about our plight...but no one is taking initiative, no one is standing up and waving the flag. At least no one that our leaders are willing to listen to. We have to do it en mass. I don't know that we are willing to do that yet.

If you have concerns and think it's time to join in with those of us who are concerned, find out about the 9/12 project. Glenn Beck started it, but it's become much more than he ever dreamed. It's the American People trying to take back their country.

Are you with us??

I don't know what our political leaders are thinking, but they are not hearing the voice of the people. They are not doing what they've been elected to do, and they are pulling our country into a hole that it's going to take a long time to get out of.