Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voting --The Morays of Marriage and Society

I was all set to write a sad, yet scathing blog about Steve Young Sunday night when I went to bed. I didn't write it Sunday, because I try not to do any writing on the Sabath. Monday, I get up and lo and behold -- he's got a press statement out. Changed the whole thing...and my viewpoint.

I still have something to say, but it's more in sympathy now. My husband imagines that there is quite the domestic disagreement going on in the Young household. I don't know -- I'm impressed with how he backed her up, regardless of the fact she drug his name into this whole mess.

Let me recap for those of you who weren't getting the newsfeed from KSL.com. Sunday it was announced that among the celebrity sports figures who were encouraging everyone to vote NO on Prop 8 in California (among them Magic Johnson) Steve Young and his family were going to vote no.

I was very upset. One on hand, he's LDS and the church has specifically come out and asked the members to help vote for this proposition. It highlights everything in the Proclomation to the World. It strengthen families. It puts a finality on what the state already voted for in the past. And the reason it affects the rest of the nation is how the other states have to view marriages from California should the thing fail. It's not pretty. On the other hand, he is a famous athlete as well, and many people look up to him and respect him. He's liable to have influenced a great many in the wrong direction.

Well...it turns out it wasn't him -- it was his wife. She has a brother who is Gay, and I guess wants to support him in any way she can. This was not the way to go about it -- though I hope he appreciates what she has done for him. I was glad to hear Steve Young come out and say that he has NOT lent his name in support of anything political, and while his wife is active in political and social things, he is not and would keep his views private.

I thought it was a good save...though probably a bit late. She got her bit of fame out of the moment, and people had a good night to think about the ramifications of Steve Young in opposition to the church's stand.

There was no way to win.

So -- today is voting day. Time to get out there, cast your vote, tell the world you appreciate the free democracy that you live in and who it is you want to be president for the next 4 years. Roust out your neighbors...do a car pool if you need to, but get everyone out there. It drives me crazy when they say we actually had a good turnout with 40% voters showing up, or it was outstanding to have 60% come to the polls...What? It takes too much effort to lift your hand? To walk down the street? To find out where you vote?

I guess it takes too much effort to turn on the switch or push on the gas pedal then. It takes too much effort to live where you have the chance to proclaim your choice. People just have no idea how much the rest of the world envies our position in being able to vote. There are many who would die for the chance.

Exercise your rights.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Words of Wisdom in a Dark Era

Those of you who have never read this part of my blog before will probably wonder at the title. Stupid is as Stupid does...but that's how I feel about politics. So, that's what this blog is devoted to. From time to time when I'm especially frustrated about an issue, I write about it here.

I know it doesn't have much viewing -- sa la vi (or however you say it) lol, but I still feel the need to express myself. Now not only am I a non registered party member, I am a Mormon, and as such, my views tend to be different from main stream.

I tend to vote Republican because I know voting Independent will end up no where. sigh. Perhaps one day...

But for now, I see which candidate has the most potential and vote that way. Unfortunately, for a long time with this election I wondered where to turn when Romney lost the nomination. I didn't really like McCain, though I thought he was better than Obama.

When he picked Sarah Palin, I wrote a blog about it I was so excited. Finally a choice with merit -- a woman I could put my belief in.

Well...that doesn't mean our country is in safe hands. They have to be elected first, and we are in dark times right now. Anyone who doesn't think so, hasn't been listening.

They have probably been reading the newspaper though, and believing what they read.

Such is the way journalism has gone. One of my fellow members is a great writer who is also a blogger and writer of some renown. Orson Scott Card has written two great blogs that deal with today's issues. I debated trying to put my own twist on them, or just trying to shed light on them to further his view, but I figured in the end -- his words express it far better than mine.

So I beg you -- anyone who happens to chance on this blog -- go read these. Especially the one on journalism. Somehow we've got to get America to wake up!

This one is about honest reporters -- is there such a thing now? -- and this one is about the constitution and the threat it is under today. Take a gander and think about what is going on.

My husband has been going on about this for some time -- he will perhaps feel somewhat vindicated that someone else feels the same way.

There are lots of us out there -- aren't there??

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Learn From History? Not a chance...

My husband told me about a strange moment he'd had the other day. He was driving home from work and listening to one of the many popular talk shows and suddenly heard his old high school history teacher in his head. It was all about the depression and what had caused it.

He got home and told me:

"It was almost like I could see him. He told us about how the general population had over extended themselves because they had discovered credit and then when the market failed, their money was gone."

Since he works in a high school, he asked a teacher who taught history about what he'd remembered. Had it happened as he thought it had? The teacher (who was impressed someone had actually remembered a history lesson) said in essence, what my husband remembered was correct, only it was margins, not credit. I guess margins are something more to do with the stock market, but it's still the same idea -- buying with something you don't have, hoping to make up the difference and pay off what you owe.

Sound familiar?

It seems like we, as an American public, are not learning from the past and neither are the legislators. Apparently, back then, black Monday was the year prior to an election year -- similar to now. Congress had suggestions for how to improve it, Hoover had suggestions -- but everything was held off for almost a year so that the president wouldn't get any credit and the American people were really suffering.

Once again, really familiar.

It looks like that when the economy is having issues, we all feel the only ones to fix it are Democrats. Unfortunately, it also looks like most of the creation of those problems come from the same source...so who fixes it? The Republicans. Only now, the Democrats aren't letting things go easily again.

Everyone talks about this 700 Billion Bail out, and how it's going to effect the big picture -- I'm not thrilled with the idea of government handouts (again) any more than the next person. That's not what our government is here for. But, in hearing this bit about The Depression, it makes me wonder if there might be something to it. Our country is a little different today than it was 79 years ago -- we are not a farm based economy any longer. We have less farmers than we have anything else, and our food needs are much more dependent on other factors, like gas, transportation, stores, etc.

My hubby figures it's all been planned out by the Eco-terrorists to tear our nation apart from the inside.

There have been wilder schemes...

But here we sit, plot or no plot, with a country struggling on where to go, who to depend on and wondering what is going to happen. If it were possible, we'd leave and find a peaceful island that didn't answer to anyone. Since that can't happen, we're gonna ride it out -- we are patriots. It's just scary...

Do you have a generator and food and water?? You might need it soon...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I'm Liking HER!!

This whole political year took an upswing for the better for me this last week. Here I was, (like most American's I know) wondering who in the heck I was going to vote for when I wasn't sure I liked either candidate, and McCain ups and picks an amazing woman for vice president. If ever there was hope in our political process, it is now!!

I was so thrilled with his choice of Alaska's Governor, Sarah Palin as running mate. I feel sorry for the woman in one aspect, because her family is going to be under a microscope now (even though Obama claims the family should be left out of this whole thing, they wasted no time in discovering problems in her family) and will make things very hard for her and her hubby.

But it brings hope to this nation! This woman has done a great job as governor of the biggest state in the union, and I've been impressed with her before she was even thought of as vice president. It's a breath of fresh air in this stale voting year, and I hope everyone else gets a chance to breath it!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Who Does She Think She Is?

I heard the most amazing thing on the radio this morning. Speaker of the house, Ms. Pelosi refused to have a bill to the floor to even VOTE on about repealing the ban on drilling for oil. She turned off the lights and told everyone to go on August break. WHAT???

I also heard that when they were proposing the idea of this bill, another senator refused to accept the idea that they would lift the ban, even if fuel prices reached $10 a gallon!! They wouldn't care.

It blows the mind. How is it they think they know what's best for the American people? Are they TRYING To send us into a deeper recession? Well, it's gonna happen if we have to continue paying the kind of prices we are right now. Businesses are already suffering and our economy is going to continue to suffer -- and it's NOT President Bush's fault.

Now it's theirs. I wonder how history will view their actions.

I hope we're all around to see it and not enslaved to a third world nation that has all the fuel...

And then the bit with Paris Hilton (ugh...I can't believe I even typed her name...) with the stupid add to McCain...I'm a celebrity? Like I care! Like I think she's worth listening to?? She's a spoiled debutante who likes to walk around in skimpy bathing suits and high heals...sigh. As if... I heard that Britney Spears had made the same kind of add...I'm a celebrity type thing? As if she's a role model!?? It kills me. What are these people thinking? and what about the people that listen to them???? It's a sad state we're in, people...

A sad state.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Modern Day Slavery? Yeah

My family watched Amazing Grace last night, and as usual when we watch it, got into a discussion about slavery.

We are of the opinion that slavery exists today, mainly in terms of the illegal immigrants and the wages they are forced to live with working for companies that are too cheap to hire legal citizens.

What was ironic...or funny? about it, was that on Glenn Becks radio show today, he was talking about the same thing! I thought it was very interesting.

We totally agree with him -- what about the people who hired the illegal aliens??? What about them? How can they stand to sleep at night knowing what they are doing to another human being? Of course, what about the black slave trade and how they were treated...people seemed to sleep just fine during that too...so where is their soul?

Apparently they don't have them.

I have no problem with people wanting to come to America legally. I know that the red tape is insane, and the costs are there too...but if you want to be here -- what's the price? What are you willing to pay for freedom? We live in the greatest country in the world...

Just ask the illegals.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Obama Vs McCain

Okay...I only use this post for political or other frustrations that have to do with the society in which we live. I've managed to keep my mouth shut for a while here, but this latest bit with Obama makes me want to scream.

He reminds me a LOT of Rev Jackson when he was touring around the world and trying to make a name for himself so he could run for office. What business does Obama have touring the war zones and ignoring the troupes?? We got an email from a friend who's son sent her a letter just after he was there. It said he seemed to go out of his way to ignore the men in line to greet him, shaking hands only with the Mucky mucks and putting on a grand show for the cameras and all that media that he invited to go with him.

Such a show. He should have been an actor. I wonder sometimes what his reality is compared to ours.

I'm not really excited about McCain, but at least he's had some experience. sigh.