Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Who Does She Think She Is?

I heard the most amazing thing on the radio this morning. Speaker of the house, Ms. Pelosi refused to have a bill to the floor to even VOTE on about repealing the ban on drilling for oil. She turned off the lights and told everyone to go on August break. WHAT???

I also heard that when they were proposing the idea of this bill, another senator refused to accept the idea that they would lift the ban, even if fuel prices reached $10 a gallon!! They wouldn't care.

It blows the mind. How is it they think they know what's best for the American people? Are they TRYING To send us into a deeper recession? Well, it's gonna happen if we have to continue paying the kind of prices we are right now. Businesses are already suffering and our economy is going to continue to suffer -- and it's NOT President Bush's fault.

Now it's theirs. I wonder how history will view their actions.

I hope we're all around to see it and not enslaved to a third world nation that has all the fuel...

And then the bit with Paris Hilton (ugh...I can't believe I even typed her name...) with the stupid add to McCain...I'm a celebrity? Like I care! Like I think she's worth listening to?? She's a spoiled debutante who likes to walk around in skimpy bathing suits and high heals...sigh. As if... I heard that Britney Spears had made the same kind of add...I'm a celebrity type thing? As if she's a role model!?? It kills me. What are these people thinking? and what about the people that listen to them???? It's a sad state we're in, people...

A sad state.