Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I'm Liking HER!!

This whole political year took an upswing for the better for me this last week. Here I was, (like most American's I know) wondering who in the heck I was going to vote for when I wasn't sure I liked either candidate, and McCain ups and picks an amazing woman for vice president. If ever there was hope in our political process, it is now!!

I was so thrilled with his choice of Alaska's Governor, Sarah Palin as running mate. I feel sorry for the woman in one aspect, because her family is going to be under a microscope now (even though Obama claims the family should be left out of this whole thing, they wasted no time in discovering problems in her family) and will make things very hard for her and her hubby.

But it brings hope to this nation! This woman has done a great job as governor of the biggest state in the union, and I've been impressed with her before she was even thought of as vice president. It's a breath of fresh air in this stale voting year, and I hope everyone else gets a chance to breath it!