Saturday, July 26, 2008

Obama Vs McCain

Okay...I only use this post for political or other frustrations that have to do with the society in which we live. I've managed to keep my mouth shut for a while here, but this latest bit with Obama makes me want to scream.

He reminds me a LOT of Rev Jackson when he was touring around the world and trying to make a name for himself so he could run for office. What business does Obama have touring the war zones and ignoring the troupes?? We got an email from a friend who's son sent her a letter just after he was there. It said he seemed to go out of his way to ignore the men in line to greet him, shaking hands only with the Mucky mucks and putting on a grand show for the cameras and all that media that he invited to go with him.

Such a show. He should have been an actor. I wonder sometimes what his reality is compared to ours.

I'm not really excited about McCain, but at least he's had some experience. sigh.

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