Tuesday, April 25, 2006

war - do we really want to know?

I was reading an article this morning about the human toll in Iraq. The point of the article was that there has been a ban on photos of the coffins coming in from the war. They have decided that if everyone knew how many of our brave soldiers were dying, there would be more of an outcry against the war.
I have discovered I am of two minds with regards to the press. 1 - I agree that they tend to focus ONLY on the negative aspects of what we are doing over there and how many bombings there are, etc. That's what sells papers - I guess no one can blame them. I just think it would be nice to have more of the nation know what good we are doing, and the neat things that are happening to the people. The fact that women can go to school, that there are schools at all...
2 - I'm not sure I want to visually see how many have died. I have three nephews who are in the military - one of which was in Iraq and came home with the true activities going on there (not as bad as painted, let me tell you) and one who is on a ship close by. I already know that they could die at any time - all of us can die at any moment. But with the hysteria that rises when people think things are out of hand - that we don't need.
Yes, I agree that the lives that are being given in this great cause need to be counted and not forgotten or hidden. I also think that we need to have more support for what is going on.

I read a blog the other day that wanted people to express their feelings on their government and how badly it is doing right now. What a sign of the times that is. I have to say, I think a big reason our nation is having a difficult time right now is no one was supporting the president in the beginning - he won by such a small margin they all felt he needed to be kicked out in the first place, and they can't wait to get rid of him now.

When he reacted to 911 - we all loved him. He was the man.

Now...things aren't going nice and easy, and it's very easy to blame the man in the big seat. Never mind that there have been many people undermining what he's tried to do since day one. Never mind that the democrats (ugh..did I actually type that word?) have been on a campaign NOT to work with the man, even though he stated he wanted to work with both parties to get our nation on track.
Never mind that now even the republicans (don't stress, I'm not one of either party... although I tend to vote Republican...) aren't happy with him and want to block every thing he is trying to do. The poor man didn't have a chance.

So - in relation to the two subjects I was grousing on today - I want to say: Yes, we probably do need to see those coffins and know the cost being paid by those brave souls. Perhaps then people would be a little more concerned with how long it is taking for the government to take shape, and how the terrorists are STILL trying to affect our world. How the stalling is killing more of our soldiers and not helping the cause of freedom go forward as quickly as it could.

I want to also say - you know what? I think President Bush is still a good guy. He has moral values, he cares about our country and he is doing his best to get things going in the right direction. I never thought he was perfect - I just thought he was a WAY better option than the other man that was running. I still think he is doing a darn better job than lots of people who think they should be in there...

Just my rants for today. ;)

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KB said...

My daughter came home the other day full of conspiracy theory about 9-11. The "Bush/our government planned it so they could attack Irag and take over their oil" theory.

Let me tell you, if that was the case, then they're taking an incredibly long time to take over the country. And doing a pretty inept job of it.

I support Bush, too.