Tuesday, May 02, 2006

So, did you get any mexican food yesterday?

So - shall I see how many people I can annoy right off the bat? How many of you tried to eat at a 'real' mexican restaurant yesterday and couldn't because it was closed? Hmm? Not very many, huh?

How about those of you who teach...how many of you had students missing because they were joining their parents on the march to the capitol? THAT many? Interesting.

I find it interesting for two reasons:
1-I teach in an elementary school, where the kids are having a tough enough time learning the basics, let alone the fact that perhaps they don't all speak the same language (gee...like some of them just came from Mexico last night after going back for two months and don't remember anything they were taught in the months before that?) but they are expected to protest against a law that their parents broke because they were encouraged to do so...
2- It's confusing a lot of people, because they really aren't quite sure why the marching was going on...I mean, we all have hispanic friends, right? We all love mexican food and we all have a smattering of spanish under our belts. That doesn't mean that our lives depend on them.


You know, I guess it's easy for me to say--being on this side of the picture, but things are really whacked out there. LA probably got the most effect because they are probably about 75% hispanic at this point. Have you been there recently? Remember Independence day and the guy on the television asking all the Los Angelinos to stop shooting at the spacecraft? Los Angelinos? Heavens. San Diego has quite the population as well. The hotel staffs probably suffered a lot too.

I agree that there needs to be something done about this situation. I agree that it has gotten out of hand. But-offering amnesty to ANYONE who has crossed the border from Mexico doesn't work. I read an article about a person who was in a crowd of over 200 that were receiving their citizenships. They had only waited 18 months. They challenged all of those who were upset about this issue to do it the right way. I agree.

I understand, however, that there are difficulties that should change. It shouldn't be a difficult or expensive thing for someone to seek citizenship. They shouldn't feel like they are bribing the authorities to get the paperwork through. This isn't China and an adoption agency.

Obviously, I'm not running for president. Nor, am I running for any political office - since I would loose. But, I think those that are letting the MINORITY that is rapidly turning into a MAJORITY in our nation rule the laws and the way things are run, need to take a second look.

There needs to be a change somewhere. Where do you think it should start?


KB said...

I experienced absolutely no effect from this event--not at work, no in my personal life.

I agree with you, something has to change. There's not another country in the world that let's illegal immigrants get away with this.

I really don't mind the immigration, as long as it is done legally and they pay their share of taxes. What really ticks me off is when I go to the ER, I have to pay. But when an illegal immigrant goes to the ER, they get treated for free. Or rather, free to them. I end up having to subsidize it. That just doesn't seem fair at all.

But you know what, it's partly our fault. As long as there are businesses who will hire illegal aliens and pay them a reduced wage under the table, there will be an incentive for them to continue to come here. If no one would hire them, why would they bother coming? It's our own greed that has created the problem.

I solemnly swear, right here and now, that I will never knowingly employ and illegal alien in my business or at home. And I will check for documentation.

G.Ellen said...

Amen!! thanks kb! ;)