Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Farewell to Amnity

Well..I read yesterday that Cindy Sheehan decided to give up her stand as an activist and go home to live 'normal' for a while. I guess we can all take a big breath of relief, right? We don't have to worry about her anymore?

Just because Mr. Rocky A decided to stand with her, I don't think I was really worried about her - it was more what she was saying to the soldiers that are currently serving. It was like another Vietnam - only bigger because she got so much press out of it.

My biggest sorrow is for her son. He must feel sooo badly, knowing that she has done this for the American soldier. He is probably broken hearted. And what kills me, is that she says 'the land I no longer love'...well, then move. You can go somewhere else where the government doesn't care about you, and the soldiers won't fight for you and find out what life is like. I'm sure there will be loads ready to help you pack.

But you are going home to peace and relative immunity to your actions. What does that say about the country you no longer love?

I think your son is crying for you. Are you ever going to hear him?

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