Thursday, May 10, 2007

Way to Go...

Well...I realized I hadn't posted anything here for quite awhile. Partly because there hasn't been anything I wanted to waste my time with politically, and partly because I've been busy. I have to say though...the debate last week was quite the example of the problems facing this country. If anyone outside of Utah watched it, I'm sure they were wondering what was up with the whole thing.
I thought Hannidy did a great job, but I also thought the Mayor had good points. Unfortunately, the audience was very ill mannered, and I'm embarrassed for us. How could we be so rude to people who came to debate in our state because we asked them to???
Anyway, there was a statement in the paper afterward that the person was worried about our country, because it definitely showed a division. I think she was right. I think it showed a greater problem than just politics, although I think that is the biggest part.
It gives me shivers of the civil war, and that's really scary. So many people are so sure their opinion is what's right...on both sides of the issues. Everyone is so sensitive to what is being said, they aren't listening or doing what needs to be done.
Just Monday some preacher made a comment in a debate he was in that those who 'believed in God' would win the day over Mit Romney. Well...apparently no one understood that he was talking about believe in God generally, not that he was saying Mit Romney didn't believe in God. He might not believe in the same God, but everyone knows he believes in God...sigh. it's crazy.
I'm really worried about our country and where it's headed.
If everything is politics, and nothing is about the country or the people the politics are supposed to serve, what purpose does the politics serve? None. It becomes a mute point that should be addressed.

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