Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Elections come and go--please!'s that time again. Yes...I'm talking about elections. Where everyone divides into camps (well...they usually do anyway) and try and convince everyone to vote for their favorite person. That person usually tries to convince everyone that they are the best choice--depending on what the issues are.
But does everyone really know the issues? And what does it matter what party anyway? My husband had a great idea--let's get rid of all parties and just have people vote. The party thing is getting totally out of hand. If you don't agree with the two major parties, your vote goes no where. There is no chance for an Independent, for example, to get elected president. That was proven out several years ago when one man came pretty darn close...but close only counts in handgrenades and horseshoes, right?

I happened to see a list of all the parties available in my state to vote under. I was amazed! There were actually 18 different parties! What in the world? And most of those people will never see print anywhere in the city paper. But they believe in their position enough to try another course.

Personally, I was raised Independent. My parents voted however they felt the candidate was best for the position. Usually Republican, but whatever. I remember when Nixon was running. I was soooo for's embarrassing to remember that now. I pushed for him with everyone else in my neighborhood. California didn't know what they were doing, huh? Sigh.

There are times when I think the presidency is only a figurehead. A scapegoat when things aren't going the way you want, and a banner boy for when they are. Most presidents don't get the credit they deserve because what they have accomplished is something that doesn't take effect or you don't see the fruits of until they have been replaced. Their replacement gets the credit. ( Clinton got the credit for Bush)

I guess you'll find I lean more toward Republicans...simply because I don't have much of a choice otherwise. No one has convinced the rest of the republicans that an Independent is going to get anything accomplished in the white house. The pure fact of religion is against you too.

If you are anything other than protestant, catholic or a main stream religion, it's going to hound you during your campaign, and unless you are extremely charismatic, honest to the core, and great with talking---it's not going to happen.

Well...the word is that the Dems have taken control of the house. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, but I don't think it's great either. My husband is desperately afraid that they will ruin the last two years of Bush's presidency...push a Democratic president in there, end the war in Iraq at ALL or ANY cost, and cause us to be at war again because the terrorists will find no reason not to attack us at home again. We'll have a 9/11 again, and this time the whole 18 year old male thing will come into play and our son's will be called to fight. It's not a pretty picture.

I'm hoping he's wrong. But, I hate to say it, he's generally right.

Stupid is as stupid does... politics.

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