Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fat Tuesday?

I guess I've lived a little sheltered life, since I'm not Catholic. I never heard of Fat Tuesday before now, and I had Catholics all around me while growing up. I've heard of Mardi Gras, but only since being an adult.
I have to say...I think it's all just an excuse to party. Do you really believe it's right to glut yourself just before depriving yourself of something for 40 days? My husband had a friend that was Catholic and she would give up M&M's for lent. He loved to torment her and eat them in front of her. I told him that was mean, but that's the kind of stuff they would do to each other. It was crazy.
I'm looking at New Orleans, and I know there are going to be people offended by this remark, but I wish they'd just let go and find a life. All that matters is that they've had Mardi Gras for how long? Apparently since 1875 or so. Longer than thanksgiving... hmm.
What really kind of bugs me is that the first street which was made really habitable and useful was Burbon Street??? Like that's something I would have been worried about.
I find it interesting how people are so caught up over tradition. Yes, there are many things that I think are important about traditions. But spending two weeks (Or MORE) partying all night and having parades with half naked people throwing necklaces at you and stuffing yourself silly is not my idea of a tradition - it's all about tourism and money. I guess that's not a whole lot different than Vegas, huh?
Not that I like Vegas either...
I guess more power to ya, huh?
Happy Fat Tuesday everyone...
I guess we'll make pancakes for dinner and start our own tradition. Think in 200 years my decendants will have a hard time giving them up?

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