Saturday, February 11, 2006

Peace - Lennon style?

Okay, I didn't think I'd find something to write about the Opening Ceremonies- besides how fun they were to watch or anything. But when they had Oko Ono (or however you spell her name - sorry!) read Lennon's lyrics for his song "Peace" it sounded really dumb - then to have Peter Gabrielle sing it, he actually did a good job - but then I listened to the lyrics for probably the first time. Really listened. I'd never been really comfortable with the first two lines, I happen to be a religious person and to have them say imagine there's no Heaven or no Hell - that's like, imagine there's no consequences - no rules. "Nothing worth killing or dying for..."
It went downhill from there.
I mean, I am all for Peace! I think the Olympics brings us closer to peace than anything else right now. But for them to back the idea that if we did away with all religion and government we would have peace? That's what is called um, lets see, anarchy? Communism? - that is chaos and not a true society.
I'm sure they were just thinking about the idea of peace - and everyone living in harmony and happiness...yes, that's what we all want. But we are all different.
That is the main situation we find ourselves facing. We are all different. Whether we come from other countries, or backgrounds or faith or state of mind - we are all individual, and all going to see things a different way.
It takes courage to have peace - it takes even more courage to fight for something that is right, and to defend those who are unable to fight back themselves. I think if you ask the majority of those who are serving in the armed forces right now, they would tell you how much they have done for the people in Iraq. How those people thank them everyday for what they do. It takes courage and determination.
We don't insist people think like we do - that's against the basic human right of free agency - or the ability to think for ourselves. We just try to help them get their own countries going to where they can govern themselves - that promotes society and peace.
The Olympics opening was amazing - Italy did a great job. I hope that their message is interpreted the best way possible and we help everyone come home alive.
Just my rant for the day....

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